Commercial Litigation

The bigger your business, the more clearly you understand that conflict is a potential part of corporate life. Few companies operate without ever facing a legal issue or business dispute. When the possibility of commercial litigation arises, you need an attorney with the right combination of courtroom experience and common sense to sort through the situation and find a winning trial strategy.

In the Business of Solving Problems

Corporate Attorney Steve Malin is a veteran in solving the problems that arise as part of doing business. He enjoys untangling complicated commercial knots to find the logical through-line within. Mr. Malin has over 30 years of experience in corporate litigation, including 20 years in the area of patents and intellectual property disputes. He brings this experience to the table for each of his commercial clients, helping them to find a solution that protects their shareholders, and their bottom line.

White-Glove Service for Big Business

Mr. Malin is comfortable working with large corporations here in the U.S. and overseas. From his office outside of Dallas, Texas, he has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies, and has served as local counsel for Asian and international corporations doing business within the American market. Mr. Malin has the sophistication to understand technical specifications within the fabrication and packaging industries, as well as the trademark and intellectual property issues that arise in the world of software development. He can interpret the most complicated business contracts in a way that makes sense to busy corporate executives and small business owners alike. No matter the size of the company, Mr. Malin provides his clients creative, practical, advice that furthers their strategic and commercial objectives.

A Shield for Shareholder Rights and Professional Reputations

Steve’s experience working with publicly traded corporations and privately held businesses means he understands what happens when companies and their shareholders don’t see eye to eye. Mr. Malin has experience defending minority shareholders’ rights within a corporate structure, shielding them from the manipulative tactics of a majority owner. He can also assist in defending individual professionals’ commercial reputations. In 2005, he helped a prominent eye surgeon defend against online defamation that could have ruined his career and closed his practice. By advocating for and obtaining a temporary restraining order, Mr. Malin was able to remove the untrue statements, and protect the business owner’s rights.

Personal Attention to Your Company’s Toughest Problems

Commercial lawsuits and legal troubles come in many shapes and sizes. In some cases, companies will find themselves served with a legal complaint or temporary restraining order. In others, they are the ones initiating the action. Mr. Malin represents clients in commercial disputes, both as plaintiffs and defendants. He has decades of experience helping companies in a variety of industries. He is just as confident responding to a cease and desist order as filing a multi-charge complaint in federal court. Steve knows how to use the tools of money damages and court-ordered injunctions to protect his clients’ corporate interests and resolve disputes between companies and individuals. His objective is always to produce effective results that are cost-efficient and that make sense for the client.

A Common-Sense Advocate in the Courtroom

Steve Malin takes a straightforward approach to commercial litigation, and avoids weighing juries down with complicated legal analysis or obscure technical jargon. Through carefully constructed trial strategies, he guides jurors to see the common-sense resolution to otherwise complex legal issues. He helps his corporate clients resolve conflicts with their customers, competitors, and staff through careful analysis of the situation, and a practical approach to negotiations and litigation. Mr. Malin will stay with your dispute from pre-suit negotiations and mediation to judgment and post-judgment collection, if necessary.

Connect with Attorney Steve Malin

Resolving your company’s commercial disputes quickly and efficiently is Mr. Malin’s top priority. Whether you are defending against claims that threaten your bottom line, or using the courts to protect your corporate rights, Steve can help. Connect with experienced corporate attorney Steve Malin, so he can start building a solution for you.