Intellectual Property Counseling

Often the most cost-effective way to address intellectual property lawsuits is to proactively avoid them. If you are seeking to expand your company’s reach into a new product line, industry, or geographic area, you need an intellectual property attorney who can examine the field and guide you to a path of profitable growth.

Straightforward Litigation Prevention Strategies for Your Business

With over 20 years of patent and trademark experience, intellectual property attorney Steven Malin knows what companies can and can’t do to beat their competitors in today’s market. Mr. Malin has advised clients in a variety of industries, helping them to navigate the often challenging pathways of intellectual property rights and regulations. He holds an advanced law degree (LLM) in intellectual property, which, coupled with his two decades’ experience, gives him the tools necessary to interpret complicated copyright, trademark, and patent decisions and solve problems that arise. He offers clients:

  • Freedom to operate opinions
  • Patent liability assessments
  • Trademark viability opinions
  • Going forward assessments

By taking the time to assess your company’s legal strategies in advance, Mr. Malin can help you avoid expensive and time-consuming intellectual property litigation, and keep your business operating at full speed.

Creative Solutions to Your Business’s Technology Contracts

Increasingly, doing business in the U.S. means entering into contracts with software companies, technology vendors, and other service providers. However, the terms of these contracts can sometimes limit your rights as a business owner. Mr. Malin has more than 30 years of experience in commercial litigation. He has advised clients in several types of software and technology contracts, fighting for the best terms and negotiating against large technology companies and their law firms.

Often, technology contracts contain damaging language buried within them. Steve can help you review the template terms of service that come with your software package or proprietary technology bundle to make certain the terms are fair. He will apply his valuable insight to your business contracts, helping you understand critical contract terms that could affect your rights in the real world. Mr. Malin will also help you to negotiate those terms and close favorable deals that pave the way for your company’s future business interests.

Playing it Fair, Not Playing it Safe

A lawsuit doesn’t have to be the inevitable outcome of tight competition. If your business is trying to stay on the right side of an existing patent and avoid an infringement lawsuit, carefully considering existing processes and protections at the start of the project may allow your business to come up to the line without going over it. Mr. Malin offers patent opinions addressing your company’s potential liability in operating within a particular industry, distributing within a particular jurisdiction, or putting forward a particular product. This can allow your developers and distributors to adjust their strategies to give your company an advantage while still playing fair with other competitors in the industry.

White-Glove Counseling for Your Company’s Intellectual Property Concerns

If an intellectual property concern is holding up production or delaying development of your product, you need to know it will be handled promptly and professionally. In these kinds of situations, a bigger team doesn’t guarantee you a better outcome. Instead, you want an attorney with the knowledge and experience needed to give you a concise, thoughtful answer to your questions, without having to wade through unnecessary gatekeepers.

Steve Malin has worked with large corporations and cutting-edge startups alike. He gives his clients his undivided attention and ensures they understand the legal advice he provides. This personal touch ensures that an intellectual property opinion doesn’t just get put in a file and forgotten. Instead, Mr. Malin will help you to implement the recommendations in those opinions, improving your development team’s efficiency and avoiding potentially expensive missteps.

Connect with Attorney Steve Malin

Protecting your company’s intellectual property interest is Mr. Malin’s top priority. Whether you need a patent opinion, want to renegotiate a service contract, or are looking for options to protect your brand, processes, or products, Steve can help. Connect with experienced intellectual property attorney Steve Malin, so he can start building a solution for you.