Intellectual Property Litigation

For many companies, success depends on being able to present a unique business proposition. When a competitor’s idea, product, or process is too close to your own, a lawsuit becomes an important tool. If your company is facing intellectual property litigation, you need an experienced IP attorney who understands the process and the courts to protect your business and fend off competitors looking to horn in on your good idea or seeking to challenge your superior results in the marketplace with dubious IP claims.

Cost-Effective Strategies for Your IP Lawsuits

Intellectual property attorney Steven Malin understands that cost is a factor any time a corporate executive or business owner is considering or is faced with a lawsuit. He combines over 20 years of patent and trademark litigation experience with an eye for straight-forward solutions. With these competing interests in mind, Mr. Malin is able to provide clients with practical and cost-effective litigation solutions that maximize their chances of success in court. Mr. Malin has an established history prosecuting and defending IP litigation cases in numerous jurisdictions in state and federal court, including the International Trade Commission (ITC). He also has an advanced law degree (LLM) in intellectual property, giving him an extra edge when it comes time to litigate complicated copyright, trademark, and patent disputes.

Agile Advocacy for Your Intellectual Property Rights

Success in court often depends on having the right strategy going in, and being able to adjust to the surprises that happen along the way. Frequently, information obtained through discovery, learned in working with experts, or even revealed by a witness on the stand can change your chances of success in an instant. Attorney Steve Malin prides himself on his quick thinking and ability to respond to these unexpected twists and turns of litigation. He advocates his clients’ interests armed with thorough preparation and an in-depth understanding of your company’s products and processes. This allows him to be agile in the courtroom, responding to whatever may come out over the course of litigation.

Creative Litigation Strategies Defending Your Products and Processes

Mr. Malin is comfortable prosecuting patent infringement matters for and against even the largest corporations. He has represented Fortune 500 companies and international businesses located in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. He has defended an Asian game development company’s right to sell its product in the United States, and assisted another company in showing that a major competitor’s patent was not infringed. Steve Malin has litigated patent matters in areas of:

  • Semiconductor technology, fabrication and circuitry
  • Computer software and firmware
  • Communications
  • GPS
  • Telephony
  • Wireless communications and WiFi
  • Personal apparel
  • Consumer products
  • Outdoor furniture

No matter the size of your business, Steve Malin can help you defend your patents, trademarks, and processes against the competition.

Personal Attention to Tough Trademark and Patent Issues

Your intellectual property concerns won’t necessarily fit into a standard playbook. While you may be able to take advantage of cease and desist letters or a temporary injunctive order (TRO) to protect your products and processes, there may be other strategies to show jurors and judges that ruling in your favor is common sense. Mr. Malin also provides proactive intellectual property counseling designed to protect your company from potential patent infringement and expensive litigation.

Steve Malin once represented the worlds’ largest publicly funded museum in a trademark action in Texas state court against an offshore “cybersquatter” trying to lay claim to a domain name covered by the museum’s trademark. He was able to use pop-culture references to show the extent of his clients’ trademark rights and obtain a successful return of his clients' valuable domain name. Mr. Malin treats each client’s problems personally. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead he will meet with your company’s experts to help them break down complex product schematics and processes, creating explanations for what your company does that the standard juror will easily understand.

Connect with Attorney Steve Malin

Resolving your company’s intellectual property lawsuits quickly and efficiently is Mr. Malin’s top priority. Whether you are defending against an injunction, or protecting your brand, processes, or products in court, Steve can help. Connect with experienced intellectual property attorney Steve Malin, so he can start building a solution for you.