In 2005 Mr. Malin was asked to assist a prominent local eye surgeon in defending against false and defamatory material-along with threats of violence-posted on an Internet site. After Mr. Malin obtained a temporary restraining order protecting the Doctor, the defendant agreed to a permanent injunction that required him to remove the offending allegations from his website, delete all his digital content, and not repeat the allegations elsewhere. After the suit was over, the defendant violated the injunction against him by posting more defamatory website information. Mr. Malin retained a computer forensics expert to investigate, ultimately locating evidence that the defendant attempted to skirt the injunction through an offshore, anonymous website using non-traceable funds. Mr. Malin sought an order of contempt. The Texas court agreed, and sentenced the defendant to serve 540 days of jail time, suspended on multiple conditions that ensured going forward compliance with the injunction.