Why Steve Malin

International and domestic business executives need someone who can listen to their problem and do the hard work of finding and advocating for a winning solution. That’s where Steve Malin shines. A commercial litigator with over 30 years of experience in resolving corporate disputes, including 20 years in the patent arena, Mr. Malin understands your time is valuable. You need someone who will provide exceptional, white-glove service to address your company’s most complex legal concerns.

Guiding Companies in Intellectual Property Compliance

Steve Malin believes that the best way to win an intellectual property dispute is to think ahead and avoid it in the first place. He provides thoughtful and attentive intellectual property counseling to firms in the U.S., Asia, and other international markets. By offering these firms patent opinions, trademark consultations, and other guidance at the development stage, he helps them avoid litigation and bring their products to market quickly and efficiently, without legal hassles.

Protecting Producers’ Rights in IP Litigation

When a patent infringement complaint, cease and desist letter, or temporary restraining order puts a halt to your business’s production or distribution, you need an attorney who is well versed in protecting businesses’ rights and who will get your work back on track. Steve Malin has over 20 years of intellectual property litigation experience, representing companies in a variety of industries from packaging and bottling to Wi-Fi and video game development. He has a proven record of success helping businesses bring and defend against IP lawsuits in state and federal court, and before the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Providing Common-Sense Perspectives to Corporate Disputes

Mr. Malin’s experience extends far beyond intellectual property to include a wide array of commercial litigation concerns. He has assisted corporations navigating between local and federal regulations and has addressed corporate labor disputes.

While Mr. Malin primarily represents businesses, he also helps the people behind them. In 2008 he represented minority shareholders against corporate oppression by a majority owner acting in bad faith. Steve comes at all corporate disputes with a practical approach. He offers thoughtful guidance, strategic legal advice, and a depth of litigation experience to help his clients make wise choices in the midst of disruptive legal challenges.

Steve Malin’s Philosophy

Steve sees himself as a problem solver first. He thrives in the unpredictable environment of the courtroom. By pairing thorough preparation with a quick wit, Mr. Malin is able to respond to unexpected legal challenges and advocate for his client’s best interests. Steve says:

“Nearly every case is winnable with the right theory. One that is honest, straight-forward, and based on common sense. That position lets me believe what I am saying and advocate for my client in court. Finding that position, that winning argument, is a puzzle worth solving.”

Connect with Attorney Steve Malin

Resolving your company’s intellectual property or commercial disputes doesn’t have to dominate your time or your energy. Whether you are seeking compliance assistance or responding to a competitor’s complaint, Steve can help. Connect with experienced corporate attorney Steve Malin, so he can start building a solution for you.